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3 Browser Games That Should Be Made Into A Movie

We all want browser games to playbecause they are free and reduce boredom to a minimum — some are even addicting enough to warrant paying a member’s fee. Since we love to play them, surely we would love to watch them too.

Everyone’s heard of the movie Resident Evil, right? Even the non-gamers know that this movie was adapted from one of the most successful games in PlayStation survival-horror history. With other console games like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia taking Hollywood by storm, the question is what would it take for a browser game to become a movie?

Here are at least three browser games that should be adapted for film:

1. Runescape

Not many browser games can boast the rich history that Runescape has to offer; in fact, the game has been around for over 10 years. That means that the population within Runescape is large enough to possibly make quite a bit of money at the box-office for people willing to pay to see the movie.

The movie would have everything you need in a fantasy world: crazy races, fights between warring factions, and runes that are needed to protect the kingdoms. If a game has as much following as Runescape, then imagine how much money the actual film could make — it could also bring more players to the game as well.

2. MapleStory

MapleStory has been around since 2005 and has a following of well over 100 million players, both who play the game for free and those who subscribe to it. While the world within MapleStory isn’t as rich as Runescape, the fact that so many people play the game would mean big bucks for the film industry. Besides, seeing a band of warriors together while battling monsters sounds like a movie already.

3. Battle Dawn

It’s already a known fact that war movies make Hollywood directors a lot of cash; so why not add the popular Battle Dawn game to the list? This is a strategy game that takes place on Earth after most of the world’s civilizations were destroyed. The lead character in the game is searching for the last 10 relics left on the planet — which means this idea could definitely be expanded upon in a nicely written screenplay.

Of course, there are more browser games that could be adapted for film, but these three should make a good start.

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