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Auction: District 9 Signed Concept Art

You’re looking at a VERY LIMITED EDITION piece of concept art for the critically acclaimed film “District 9″, hand-signed by the movie’s producer Peter Jackson. Jackson is famous for such works as the Academy Award-winning film adaptation of the cherished “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the recent and immensely popular remake of “King Kong”.  Any professional will tell you that buying an authentic Peter Jackson autograph is a rare opportunity, and here’s your chance!

Drawn by Greg Broadmore in the film’s early stages as “Project-X”, this piece was printed by Weta Worshop, the renown prop/special effects studio that worked alongside Peter Jackson to help create these well-known films. Given to ONLY 150 FANS to promote “District 9,” the rarity of this piece of cinematic memorabilia speaks for itself, and now’s your chance to own it.
The concept art is NOT framed. Shipping will include a safe container
I won this from the fine folks over at Comingsoon and honestly it just sits in perfect condition in a closet looking for a good home, or at least a wall.

The concept art measures 11×17. The frame is 16×20.

Check out the awesome image below!


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