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AVATAR Movie Review

The hype has been out of this world (pun intended), the underground reviews have been nothing short of amazing, and the response from the critics has been astounding. And I must agree wholeheartedly! Cameron has topped his greatest works to make something that is beyond imagination. AVATAR is the movie I have waited for, for a very long time.

I do want to say that I am fan of Cameron and his work but not the average Titanic fanboy that some might think. While Titanic, a great accomplishment in its own right, is still sitting atop the highest-grossing-film-of-all-time charts, it will be a memory at best after AVATAR hits.

The world created by Cameron, Pandora, is a vast universe in which one can only get lost. This is a good thing! Sitting here thinking about the film only makes me want to view it again for a second and third time to catch what I missed in the previous viewings. The sheer awe that the film’s environments create should be enough for folks to want to see this as soon as possible.

The acting comes in as expected in a fantasy film such as this, even with the alien character of the Navi stealing the show. The Navi, green-screen aborigines, put on a show for us all to enjoy. The visual effects come in near spotless, all while the lush environments in which they live take our breath away. There are very few times that you could even try to say that is CGI; in reality almost the entire movie is GCI.

Jake Sully, played very well by Sam Worthington, is a paralyzed marine who hits life head-on. The journey that he takes us on is one of amazing heart and exploration. The storyline flows all throughout Pandora in a way that amazes me. For a film that runs over 161 minutes, I went in thinking it was going to have many a lull. Not so, my friends! I left wanting more… no I don’t want a sequel, but maybe an extended cut version.

The world that Cameron has created is a vast land of beauty. The 3D lends itself to something very very special in this fantasy world. The creative mind of Cameron can only be summed up by exhibiting an open mouth. This is something special, something that we have not seen the likes of before. Yes there are story lines that may mimic or he may take from others but it is truly a special film.

3D has come a long way and this movie is one to prove that movie goers NEED to start seeing films in 3D. Even since the awesome 3D that is Coraline, it doesn’t come close to the world Cameron has brought out into the light with the 3D technology. IMAX would only heighten the experience if it’s for nothing more than sound enhancement. While I am selling you on 3D, I must admit I will be sorry to see this film on DVD and even on Blu-Ray unless they can create a new technology by its release. This lends itself to a downside of the creativity and sheer size of this film; it could get lost on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The storyline throughout the movie has its peaks and valleys. It has its corny jokes and standard “military” lines that you can deal with only where you are. I think the visual appeal of the movie far outweighs the storyline. While the storyline is a standard story with some ups and downs, you get lost in the visuals and may not be able to come back.

It is hard to put forth a constructive review when one is so enamored with the content and the overall feel of the film at hand. To say something bad about a movie that I have waited for for so long would be against the grain of my being. So I am not going to!

Cameron has been able to accomplish something special with this film and it would be a waste for folks to miss out on it. This is a must-see and must-see-in-the-THEATER film. The suspension of disbelief will be lost on the DVD-viewing public. This is something that needs the cinema experience!

[xrr rating=5/5]

12 Responses to “AVATAR Movie Review”

  1. mathewshanifa says:

    ah…it was surprised guys. avatar movie was marvelous. i watched its trailer today. so it seems to be so interesting. i am waiting to watch it.

  2. I'm so excited about this movie. I think I will enjoy watching this movie.

  3. lika says:

    you can download AVATAR 2009 here

  4. Yeah, this is about the battle between earth and the other planet. hmmm I'd like to go to Pandora, wanna join me there? :)

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  6. TheAtomicWriter says:

    Great visual movie. Loved it!

  7. TremedousInTucson says:

    You took the words out of my mouth! IMAX….3D…..AVATAR…..there has not been a better mix of words.

  8. TremedousInTucson says:

    You took the words out of my mouth! IMAX….3D…..AVATAR…..there has not been a better mix of words.

  9. Avatar Movie is nice to watch on 3D cinema to see the animation that looks real. I really love this movie. Worth watching.

  10. Avatar Movie is nice to watch on 3D cinema to see the animation that looks real. I really love this movie. Worth watching.

  11. Ayo Adeyemi says:

    Avatar is art.

    I've said it before. Granted, we all respect the majesty of Michaelangelo's art that adorns the Sistine Chapel in Rome. It's really good. But if we stand back – beyond our basic assumptions and culture – the Sistine Chapel does not come close to Avatar.

    Think about it. If we threw the Sistine Chapel back to the time of Socrates, Plato, or Aristotle – each philosopher would be in awe at the aesthetic accomplishment. BUT if we sat them down to Cameron's world of PANDORA on an IMAX screen – it would blow their minds.

    So good. What a movie. Loved it.

    Watch it – but only in 3D.

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