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Baltimore Comic-Con 2011: Day 2 Wrap-up!

Though everyone seemed to be dragging today (except Stan Lee; where does he get that energy?), it was a great day at the con.  Hey, sure heading outside in the rain….  Here’s a taste of what you may have missed!

* Cool independent comics:
- The cool pulp-novel feel of Hard-Boiled Horror.  Horror with a noir feel, especially when it’s this beautifully illustrated, is a cool new twist I’m eager to see more of.
- Digital Pimp Online  (not just because of the cool name, but it don’t hurt) and their comic that resonated with me, “Joe Loves Crappy Movies”
- Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes (because I’m on a bit of monkey love after Rise, and the drawings in this comic are amazing)
- The God Machine, for it’s eerie, lovely graphics
- The Hero Business, because it’s hilarious.
- Imperium Comics, because “Trailer Park of Terror” is my favorite title of the day, and the pencil-work and colors are awesome.
- Black Label Comics, because anyone who does a Hunginn & Muninn comic (based on the two ravens of Odin,,,that transform into human form by night)?  I’m in.
- And the adorable Shilong Pang, a webcomic that makes me wish I’d found it sooner.

* Hometown Boys Make Good:  Comics you need to get your paws on to 1) support our Baltimore peeps, and 2) feed an obsession you didn’t know you had….
- i taste sound: these twisted little bastards have my heart.  Not just because they had the coolest stickers at the con, but because I love a good pun.  Especially if it’s dirty and/or twisted.  Win!
- Heritage Comics HSQ: Because I love superheroes, but I love superheroes with a positive message even more.  And they’re drawn very well, and the guys are from Baltimore.  Niiiiice.

Panel News: random quotes and thoughts rattling around in my tin-can brain….

* Comics Jukebox: All Ages Comics in the Digital Age: The speakers let loose on their thoughts about digital media and comics, along with the possibilities for publishers and creators.  The big question?  “How can the internet help to let people be seen when there’s so much thrown in people’s faces?”  Scott Gallagher echoed Kevin Maguire’s comment yesterday; “(illustrations) look better on the iPad!”
- Everyone seems to be wondering what “the” format will be.  Lord knows you don’t want to be stuck with Betamax.  But the panelists seemed to agree that ePub was a great format to try to get in on…IF there was a way to make it friendlier to illustrated materials (perhaps an update or three?)
- The margins are closing in terms of the money to be made by artists/writers on printed issues vs. digital media. It’s comic stores + publishers + printing, or Apple (or whomever sends out the app) + comiXology.  So it looks like it’s up to individual creators to take their pick, or do both.
- Archie comics has been doing this a lot longer than the rest of the folks, and has special app-only content.  So folks wanting to see Little Jinx?  There’s an app for that.
- Sites/apps to check out: comiXology, iVerse, Comics Jukebox  and the Archie Comic Lab (for fans) and Kickstarter for artists and writers.

* Going Digital: Day and Date, and What You Need To Know: A discussion about the decision Marvel and DC Comics made to make their content available to digital readers the same day it’s available to hard-copy readers.  The panel was led by John D. Roberts, a co-founder of comiXology, but that didn’t stop the panelists from giving their true opinions. (Though most were all for a new medium to play with….)
- The best part of going digital to creators was the idea that there would no longer be  “running out” problems.  You know, when you go to a shop and they’re sold out?  Not anymore; you can buy a copy anytime.  Which will also be good for fans trying to catch up, and readers who want to start at the beginning.
- Artists and writers were both interested to see how this new format would affect their creativity.  Though I worry about the disappearance of two-page “splash” pages, the idea that artists could create even more detailed work that could be zoomed in on is pretty damn cool.
- As far as comic book shops going out of business with this?  Not likely.  The good retailers who know what they’re doing will know how to push social aspects of their shops (always a big selling point in comic book stores), and people who read comics online will want a trade hardcover of something they’re truly in love with.  In fact, I’d bet this push will get more readers to try comics in general.  After all, no tell-tale signs of nerdom to be found…it’s all tastefully hidden away in your iPad.  (Unlike my office, which looks like Nerd Wonderland.)
- Though there’s a worry that print media may go the way of the dodo, I think it’s here to stay. I’d rather have someone sign my most cherished hard-cover issue than my eReader or Droid.

* CBLDF: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund needs your money.  Plain and simple.  But they didn’t do a hard sell, they just laid out the history of censorship in America, along with a few of their current/recent cases.  Check out Diana v. Florida and judge for yourself.  And it’s not just happening to stores and creators; a guy just got busted for bringing Manga over the border to Canada.  CANADA.  With everyone carting some sort of tech around with ‘em every day, the next person the CBLDF helps could be you.  Yeah I bought the t-shirt.  “I Read Banned Comics” — like I could pass that up?  That it’s in the Watchmen colors of black-n-yellow?  Bonus.

As for Stan Lee?  Yeah, I saw him.  And he was AMAZING.  But all the photos I took ended up craptastic.  I blame my (cheap) horrible camera.  Trust me though, a good time was had by all.

Check out my Twitter feed if you’re feeling a need for more (or if you want more pictures….)  Monday Rewind will be on hiatus tomorrow, but for now?  Enjoy  the teaser for Frank Miller’s new graphic novel Holy Terror, which is slated for release on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  As always, Miller delivers.

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