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How much do you love bingo? Do you love it so much that you have played every bingo game and listened to every bingo song? Bingo has been around for many years. It was a favorite community game in the United States and United Kingdom and has been played in bingo halls since the 1950s.

Today, online bingo is booming all over the world. Bingo games are now offered on social media sites such as Facebook where it has a huge following, while enthusiasts at the CheekyBingo fan page use its interactive community to play and chat with friends at the same time. This proves that bingo is now a tool to improve social relations. It has become a part of our social history, which is the reason why it is often seen being featured in some films.

Los Bingueros
Los Bingueros is a bingo comedy film in Spanish cinema directed by Mariano Ozores. In 1979, it has beaten Star Wars Episode IV on the top spot of Spanish box office. The movie starred two of the most famous Spanish actors, Fernando Esteso and Andres Pajares. Los Bingueros focused on the 1970s Spanish bingo hall atmosphere, following two men swamped with financial problems, Fermin and Amadeo, who decide to play bingo to turn their luck around.
Bingo: The Documentary

This is a 1999 movie by John Jeffcoat featuring bingo as it was played in a succession of bingo halls, cruise liners and bingo gaming websites. Jeffcoat took a humorous approach at bingo while exploring the problems faced by many people including the aging population and gambling. As the game continues to become popular, many online gamers are exploring gaming websites where bingo can be played. The film also focused on conveying the excitement of the game, making it easy for bingo players to visit online bingo sites to play the game.

The film was based on a horror story that was written by a Japanese writer named Yusuke Yamada in 2005. Bingo takes a surprisingly morbid take on bingo play where the death sentence for prisoners during the dystopian era in Japan was settled through a massive bingo game. Having equal parts of being weird and horrifying, the unconventional approach of the film to bingo as a game will shock and, in some way, amaze players who love bingo and horror movies.

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