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Monday Rewind — July 11th, 2011

Too busy last week to go through all the movie news?  Here’s a look at what you missed!

* Box office?  No surprise that Transformers took the top spot again this weekend, with Horrible Bosses in second and (egads) Zookeeper in 3rd.  Cars 2 skidded in at 4th this past weekend, and Bad Teacher is still holding strong in 5th.

* So, Kevin James = Chris Farley? That could explain Zookeeper…. But let’s keep that shirt on Kev, huh?

* It’s hot outside.  Why not stay in and watch one of those fancy-pants movies you have on your bucket list? Total Film’s article on why you should give a few of those slow-paced movies your attention hits the nail on the head. The Seventh Seal?  Seriously, check it out.

* Sequel-mania! Pirates 5 has been written, but Johnny wants to hit pause (and rightly so),  Thor 2 has a writer , “Iron Man 3 will actually be about Iron Man” (best news I’ve had all week), plus, A Star Is Born may also get a new spin, thanks to Leo & Beyoncé . And the best thing this week?  Spike Lee may do an Oldboy remake!  What?  A ghetto spin on this movie could really work.  But it looks like there’ll be no sequel for Zombieland.  Which is probably a good thing.

* New stuff?  Well, there’s Gods Behaving Badly, (not to be confused with the American Gods miniseries in development at HBO) the animated fright-fest Hotel Transylvania (which probably will be all for laughs, with Adam Sandler and Kevin James), Prometheus (which everyone on board is saying IS NOT AN ALIEN PREQUEL…though it kinda quacks like an Alien Queen) and a Rod Serling biopic!

* Captain American won’t be “Captain America”???  Say wha’???  Yep, at least in some other countries.  And it may not be shown in China at all, because of their strict limitations on the number of foreign films allowed in the country.  *That’s* a list of films I’d like to see.

* Like movies and tv shows based on comics (Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, The Walking Dead, 300, Sin City…)?  Who doesn’t?  Looking for something to do the weekend of August 20-21st?  Check out the Baltimore Comic-Con and have the one-up on all the snooty comic book fans that always seem to be a step ahead of you on what’s coming to theaters.  You could even get to see Stan Lee…  and you know who he is, don’t even lie.  We all watch for his cameo on Marvel-produced movies like they used to for Alfred Hitchcock back in the day.  More on Baltimore Comic-Con, including Twitter-feed coverage by yours truly (hint: the hashtag #atomicpopcorn will be the way to go that weekend) in the next few weeks….

* Though this documentary won’t be in a theater near you (it’s slated for the cable channel Epix…and Comic-Con.  In San Diego.  Dammit.)  I had to share this trailer.  Because it is epic.  Behold, the glory and the wonder that is but a small taste of SHATNERPALOOOZA…The Captains!


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