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Monday Rewind — June 26, 2011

Too busy last week to go through all the movie news? Here’s a look at what you missed!

* Box Office Top 5 for last weekend: they may have gotten craptastic reviews, but Cars 2 and Bad Teacher ruled the weekend.  Take that, movie critics!  (Hey, wait….)  Green Lantern, another film with no critical love, flew into third, with the fantastic Super 8 and just-too-cute Mr. Popper’s Penguins in at number five.  (Congrats on the Dove “Family Approved” rating, Mr. Popper!)

* R.I.P., Peter Falk.

* Sequels and do-overs! Another Final Destination is a’coming (hopefully this will be their last stop) this Summer, Fast & Furious 6 looks like a definite go for Memorial Day Weekend ‘13, and oh look, a hip-hop Annie remake! Seriously. Since I hated Annie (too many childhood days forced to sing “Tomorrow”) and still love The Wiz, this movie had better Bring It. With Emma Thompson penning the script and Jay-Z on board — not to mention Willow Smith in the lead role — I’m hopeful. Oh yeah; the reboots of Logan’s Run and War Games are moving past the talk phase and into action.

* Woot! Production photos from The Hobbit!!! Yay Gandalf!

* Speaking of pics, take a gander at the new Captain America: The First Avenger poster.   Very, very sweet. My wall wants one.

* Superman’s dad is Russel Crowe…and Superman’s mom is Julia Ormond? No wonder the kid is so damn good looking!

* So, Cars 2 kinda sucked? Well, Pixar hopes to make it up to you with Brave. Checking out the character sheets, it’s shaping up to be a cool historical romp through Scotland.  With Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly and Craig Ferguson doing voice work, here’s hoping it’ll be just as good as the last animated “history lesson”, How To Train Your Dragon.

* Good news, Baltimore — The Wire’s Stringer Bell (er, Idris Elba) is in Pacific Rim! Sadly that means he won’t be in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.  But with Jamie Foxx signed on with Quentin, I’m keeping to the Rim.  Oh, and if you haven’t seen Idris Elba in the series Luther yet, stream it on Netflix, asap.

* “Bad” News, Dark Tower fans — Ron Howard will be tweaking the story a bit, and Javier Bardem is not an official lock as the Gunslinger.  For those of you already ripping your hair out screaming “nobody touches CANON!”, just remember that Peter Jackson tweaked Lord of the Rings. Look how that turned out….

* Harry Potter fans will love two things: the four-night every-single-Harry-Potter-movie marathon in some theaters, and Pottermore — J.K. Rowling’s online game — everywhere else.

* Hands down, the one trailer everybody seemed to be talking about last week was the new Footloose trailer. No, not a new trailer for the original, sadly. A new trailer for the brand-new, no-Kevin-Bacon-havin’ Footloose. Gotta say I’m underwhelmed. It feels like a bastard child of We Are Marshall and Step Up with a few shot-for-shot bits of the original thrown in in the hopes someone will believe it’ll be just as good. And there doesn’t seem to be a single song that will hold a candle to even the crappiest song on the original’s soundtrack (that’d be “Almost Paradise”, btw. Sorry, Ann Wilson.) Lemme know what you think….


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