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Potter, Lightyear and Tron, Oh My!

Far out into the desert at one of the brightest cities in the country, many gather to what is known as ShoWest, a convention minus the costumed players where studios meet and greet and show off their upcoming stuff. In this case, Disney and Warner Bros graced the stage while unveiling their line up for the rest of the year.

The automatic exclusive clips that were shown were from Disney/Pixar’s Up and Warner Bros Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (sorry guys, don’t have them on me). The others, especially from Disney, that could be considered as surprises to some of you would include the announcement on early Pixar films Toy Story & Toy Story 2. In October, the two films are set as a double feature for a two week limited release, and included with that is both films being presented in 3D. Plenty of Buzz and Woody fans will be quite pleased with this bit of news. Entangled with this announcement was the upcoming re-release of Beauty and the Beast, being thrown in on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 14th of 2010. Rough footage from the upcoming sequel (Tron 2.0) also was screened at the convention, but for those of you who bought their Saturday San Diego Comic-Con 2009 tickets, get ready to cram yourselves into Hall H for more Tron 2.0 clips (like they did when they tested cgi footage for the sequel at Comic-Con 2008).

On the Warner Bros end, there was plenty of fanboy/girl goodness with a couple of new clips from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Another one of their latest creations, Terminator Salvation, screened off five minutes worth of footage for the upcoming summer tentpole starring Christian Bale.

Take a look down below for the IMAX movie clip montage exclusively from this year’s ShoWest.

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