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Re-Write Central: Spider-Man 4 and 20,000 Leagues


First writers aren't cutting it for these films.

It appears that all sorts of scribes are getting some extra work in with scripts for upcoming movies. The first of them being Spider-Man 4, a film that had been up in the air for awhile now, who’s script is the first to get the rewrite treatment. The original writer of the script (James Vanderbilt) and the person who re-wrote the script (David Lindsay-Abaire) must not have been cutting it, leading to the third-time’s-a-charm writer Gary Ross (Seabisciut) to swoop in and hopefully save the day. Since initial filming is slated to start up at the beginning of 2010, that leaves a fair amount of time to finish polishing up the script to the 4th installment of the Marvel comic book adapted film.

Another film to get polished up so to speak is Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. “Nemo” aims to tell the origin of Captain Nemo and his submarine warship, the Nautilus. Nemo is a mysterious but noble antagonist in the book, a scientific genius with a thirst for knowledge and a desire for revenge against the forces of imperialism (THR). The original writer was scribe Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) and Bill Marsilii (Deja Vu). Now tapped onto rewriting the film is Randall Wallace (We Were Soldiers) for the Disney film.

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