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She’s out of my League Movie Review

Going into this movie I would be lying to you all if I didn’t say I had expectations that it better be funny or else. Well those expectations were not met to be honest.

The story of Molly and Kirk is one we have seen before, the humor is one that we have laugh at before, the acting is something we have seen done the same way before. Nothing about this movie made it it’s own movie. By all means this does not mean don’t go see this movie, just don’t go in expecting to laugh like you did at The Hangover or other films.

With that said and out of the way there are some flaws in the movie that most folks will be fine with overlooking but I wanted to point out to you all. When looking at this film I decided to go a little bit with a food analogy between a few movies in the past year or so in terms of comedies.

Lets start with The Hangover. It is a very strong flavor, a sharp yet spicy dish and a very distinct one at that. It has a flavor that only it has, it is unique in it’s own way and really leaves you begging for more.

She’s out of my League has a taste that you may of  had before, but just can’t place it. It tastes as though it has pieces of Napoleon Dynamite and Knocked Up, and dash of the terribleness that was Superbad. It doesn’t know what it really wants to be.

The peaks were high with humor and the valleys were super low with dull and bland flavors, and that is why this movie won’t survive. One of the main reasons is that we’ve seen it before. Like all of the comedy’s out there, it’s distracted more with what type of humor it should go for rather than actually going for it. This movie literally stays in the gate and never takes off; stupid pun intended!

Stainer (yes that is his nick name), or “Hud” (T.J. Miller) from Cloverfield fame, made the movie. Yes Alice Eve is a hottie and Jay Baruchel is the same scrawny guy he will always be, but Stainer is the reason why the movie is funny to begin with. His harsh humor and outlook on life make this film worth sitting through.

Overall this is film that is funny, but not side splitting . I wasn’t expecting it to be, but I wanted it to go where it wanted to go. It just didn’t have the balls to do so.

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

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