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Stolen is a 2012 action thriller starring Nicholas Cage, Josh Lucas and Malin Ackerman, directed by Simon West, who first collaborated with Cage on the 1997 film Con Air.

Cage plays Will Montgomery, an accomplished career thief who is double-crossed by his longtime partner, Vincent (Josh Lucas), on their last heist together. He’s captured by a determined detective, Fletcher (Mark Valley) and sent to prison for 8 years. Once he’s released, the first thing he decides to do is to visit his estranged daughter to make up for lost time and prove that he is a good man and a good father.

Meanwhile, his old comrades, fellow career criminals and the law enforcement agencies that investigated him and put him away believe that he has the 10 million dollars stolen in the heist that put him in jail, despite the fact that he didn’t get any of the money. To retrieve this cash, Vincent kidnaps Will’s daughter and secrets her away in the soundproof trunk of his yellow taxi cab, ensuring that she can’t be tracked by Montgomery or the police. He then demands ten million dollars from Montgomery and gives him an ultimatum of 12 hours before he murders the child.

Panicking over his missing daughter and his lack of ten million dollars, Montgomery decides to return to what he knows best and pull off another high stakes heist to raise the funds for Riley’s ransom. In order to pull it off he needs the help of his old partner in crime, Riley Simms (Malin Akerman). While they plan and execute the heist, Fletcher is suspicious about Will’s scheming and he attempts to keep up in order to stop the crime and retrieve the kidnapped child. The veteran cop comes to realize that Montgomery is in the right and must decide whether it’s more important to uphold the law or find the child before the deadline is up. Sponsored by Lionsgate Films

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