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Terminator Salvation Movie Review

John Connor is back in Terminator Salvation, and more pissed than before in the latest reincarnation of the Terminator series. Connor is the believed prophet that is leading the “resistance” in the war against the machines. While most of you reading this will have a good background on who these folks are and what a terminator is, I will point those of you who do not, to our featured article about the 3 previous films. Check those out here.

MCG is the latest to take on the Terminator world and what the near future holds in store for human kind. With Skynet building a massive army of robots, the human race is slowly dwindling in numbers and left without the ability to fight back. The storyline is weak but the effects take over the screen for almost the entire film. The breaks in between are few and far between, but lack much luster. The luster, it seems, was all used up by the special effects. The T-600 series and the newest, the T-800s, are all done very well and are pretty darned believable. The cityscape of Skynet’s headquarters, the barren wasteland, all a job well done by the special effects team. The ships and terminators themselves are very, very impressive. The sounds, the explosions, the overall feel of this movie I loved. I honestly loved the majority of the movie.

Anton Yelchin and Sam Worthington put in the only good performances of the movie, minus the CGI robots, of course. The disappointing acting on the part of Christian Bale was surprising to say the least. The storyline opened very little need for real acting, but Bale failed to bring the Connor attitude. Yelchin hit Reese on the head, though,  and Worthington played a superb Marcus.

Terminator: Salvation is a great movie for those of you who can get past the first movies and enjoy whats in front of you. The atmosphere, the CG, the overall feel of the film is great. The action in the movie is very well done and shows off the creativity of MCG and his team. The acting left a bad taste in my mouth but overall it was a solid film. Going into this movie thinking it should be compared to the previous films will leave you disappointed. It’s not a T2-style storyline kind of production, but an action film with a familiar story. MCG did what he could and came out with a winner – enjoy it on that level.

Spoilers On:

Two things that really turned me off and that were almost laughable: One would be the ever-famous line “I’ll be back,” first said by the even more famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. Connor says it – and it’s really poorly done. As for the second part, there is a cameo by Arnold. While it was done well, it still ruined some of the movie for me. Just my two cents on a movie done well, but stained by two stupid additions.

Spoilers Off:

Go see this movie and judge for yourself! I really enjoyed the movie for what it was in spite of the lack in the storyline/acting areas. A solid, “dumb fun” film that hits the spot if you are in for a complete action film!

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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  2. r4 says:

    A good summer movie isn't just an uninterrupted crescendo of cacophony. You need stuff IN BETWEEN the fireballs and the cyborgs.

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