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The Bounty Hunter Movie Review

TITLE: “Bount”iful Aniston

Jennifer Aniston (Bruce Almighty, The Good Girl & TV’s Friends) is one of Hollywood’s most striking and attractive stars (ask the “People” magazine polls).  Gerard Butler (The Ugly Truth, Reign Of Fire & Gamer) is no slouch himself (ask the “In Style” magazine polls); and thanks to films like 2006’s “300,” and 2007’s “PS I Love You,” has jettisoned his name into the mainstream as a viable actor and a love interest.   It almost seems like a no brainer to put these two actors together in a romantic comedy.   One of America’s new movie hunks, a seasoned beauty — throw in some car chases, bullets flying and you’d think it was lightning in a bottle, box office gold.  Unfortunately for Aniston & Butler, their new romantic comedy “The Bounty Hunter” opening this weekend, may fail to even bring in the bronze.

The film follows Nicole Hurley (Aniston) a thriving NYC divorcee ‘beat’ reporter who has just stumbled on to what could be the biggest story of her career and Milo Hurley (Butler),  Nicole’s ex-husband,   a fired cop turned bounty hunter who gets the assignment to bring his bail-jumping ex-wife back to face the music.

Why exactly Nicole jumped bail, and what she was originally arrested for becomes less of a concern as you watch this film.  What becomes glaringly obvious is the usage of Aniston as ‘eye-candy’.   Even watching her run in three inch Jimmy Choo’s during a botched escape attempt from her wily ex-husband is less funny and entertaining as how blatant the intentional close-ups and body-shots of her are throughout the film.  You begin to realize that her looks are being used to disguise the films sub-par plot and wildly predictable storyline.  Butler’s character is never given a chance to hold his own from the looks department and he’s reduced to the stereotypical ex-husband; a loaf, buffoonish child as exampled by Nicole & Milo’s odds defying craps attempt to turn $500 into $10,000.  Butler’s acting chops do shine through during a point in the film where his character draws into a string of emotions around the prospect of re-entering his ex-wife’s life, and bringing it crashing down when he arrests her.  The chemistry between Butler & Aniston is not given a chance behind the film’s thin writing.  They look good together and the relationship is even believable but their eventual on screen re-connection seems more like an inevitability of the nearly 2 hour film and less about their romantic missteps during the two-state run to bring Nicole back to justice.

The film does have a saving grace in its’ supporting cast.  Stuart (Jason Sudeikis of SNL fame), Nicole’s co-worker, is a lovelorn fool who’s feelings for Nicole border on stalking.  His attempts to solicit her affection, and profess his own, do offer some good laughs.  Nicole’s mother (Christine Baranski: Bulworth & Chicago), portrays aging Atlantic City headliner, Kitty Hurley.  Baranski has made a career of portraying ‘rich bitch’ characters, but this time she manages to do it with heart.  It’s refreshing to see her as something more than just a boozing socialite; albeit this time a boozing starlet.  You can feel a true mother-daughter relationship between Kitty & Nicole, and Baranski uses every inch of the films’ sad screenplay to convey their connection.

In the end, “The Bounty Hunter” is nothing more than a Jennifer Aniston puff piece.  Like Megan Fox’s role in Transformers (2007), Aniston’s looks over-power the film.  The audience becomes more focused on her clothes, body and hair than on trying to believe that this hapless mis-adventure could somehow bring this couple back to reconciliation.  Director Andy Tennant (Hitch, Fools Rush In) has done much better for himself in the past.  With a dynamite looking duo like Aniston & Butler, you would think he could make something more enjoyable play out on screen.

[xrr rating=2/5]

The Bounty Hunter is rated PG-13 for sexually suggestive content, language and some violence.

Submitted by reader Rock Y.

7 Responses to “The Bounty Hunter Movie Review”

  1. John D. says:

    So what’s wrong with jen as eye candy? She’s smoking hot and should be showcased.

    • Matthew says:

      I think the the point of the movie is to show off her acting skills. If you want eye candy buy the numerous magazines with her on them or within the pages. Most folks go to a movie to view a story unfold that is acted well, not something that is blatantly filled with shots of the female stars legs etc.

  2. The Great Fatsby says:

    Jennifer Aniston is a complete dud sexually. Don’t make me rage.

  3. Lucifer says:

    Jennifer is neither talented or appealing to look at. She’s aging, ordinary, and belongs at best on tv. Gerard Butler deserves better.

  4. halliann says:

    This move didn’t look interesting from the start…but I think we’re being a little harsh on aniston, she is pretty and though she’s not the best actor, personally i’ve never liked her as an actress, we have to show a little empathy here. Acting is her job, her life. She doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend supporting her (a bazillion failed relationships) so she has to make it on her own somehow. Give her some props.

  5. Nathan Bartlebaugh says:

    For good Aniston, see Management. She actually had some nice chemistry there with Steve Zahn. Throw in another wonderfully goofy Woody Harrelson performance, and Fred Ward doing supporting work, and you have a nice little comedy on your hands.

    From the sounds of this, it’s a much better bet and it’s no further than your netflix queue or the local rental outlet.

    For good Butler, see How to Train Your Dragon. He’s just doing voicework but the synergy between his ‘performance’ and the work the animators have done is terrific, and create a fully realized character out of a one-note concept.

  6. FullMovie says:

    This is going to be a Great Movie To watch on the big screen . can wait for it to come to my town .Thanks for the great review

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